Being the last to have been established as an automation technology company in the sector of paper products, Tenace s.r.l. was founded in 2006 by Enrico Diodati. After numerous profitable collaborations with the most important national manufacturers Enrico, together with his friend and partner Angelo Chiocca, the passionate and bright Piero Landucci and his son Tiziano Diodati, decided to apply the knowledge acquired on corrugated cardboard over many decades of activity in the most important Italian and foreign companies.

Knowledge that matured thanks to direct contact with processing and productive cycles, as well as with production managers and end operators. Driven by passion and comforted by the extremely positive response of the market, our company has to date manufactured various plants and pieces of machinery meeting specific processing needs. Our passion and enthusiasm also stems from our customers’ satisfaction. .

Tenace places itself on the corrugated cardboard market as a new reality. It has set the objective of adding innovation to the manufacture of machinery and plants; to this end it thoroughly searches and studies all plants so as to determine which interventions are needed to meet the customers’ specific needs.